Unusual London Paperback + E-book Combo

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Want to explore London but feeling uninspired? 

Unusual London is the insider's guide to discovering London's quirky and secret spots. 

Uncover a different side to the city... because who wouldn’t want to get beyond the well-known landmarks to discover the London few people know? 

From the hidden square where duels were fought in days of yore, to the memorial dedicated to Londoners who died doing heroic acts, London is full of unusual places for you to unearth. 

  • Where can you find the secret court that's said to have inspired Diagon Alley? 
  • Have you explored the medieval burial ground that's just around the corner from London Bridge? 
  • Or the noses put up around Soho as a protest against the growing intrusion of CCTV? 

Explore a different side of London with over 190 pages of hidden treasures, written by born-and-bred Londoner and geeky explorer Julianna Barnaby.

Get both the paperback and the e-book in this combo package.


You love exploring London, you want to scope out the city’s secret treasures but you don’t know where to find them. 

The problem is, you Google stuff like ‘things to do in London’ and it comes up with suggestions like Buckingham Palace and the London Eye *yawn*. No sh*t Sherlock, no-one has ever had that idea before. 

This book covers 115 of London’s lesser-known gems, split up into different areas and with downloadable Google Maps (e-book only) so you can see exactly where each place is located. Each entry walks you through the history, curious facts and practical tips for visiting.  There are also plenty of photographs so you can have a sneak peek at places before you go. 

All that’s left for you to do is go forth and adventure! 

Imagine if the next time you have some free time you went and discovered someplace new instead of sitting about and scrolling on your phone or going to the same old places AND you had a guide that you could go back to again and again for inspiration, information and a few snarky lols about this straight-up weird and wonderful city. 


  • A 194-page paperback and digital guidebook crammed with London’s hidden spots with full colour photographs. 
  • (E-Book) Interactive maps for each area (Central, North, South, East and West London) ready for you to download onto your phone.